RIP Scrunchy

He was the best and the greatest.  He was my sentry when I showered and would lick my hips to help me dry off.  His first meal with me was spaghetti and it took me a month to realize that the light orange dot on his chin wasn’t a spaghetti stain, but his coloring.

He’s been through a lot and finally his little bod gave out.

I miss you so much, Scrunchels.  Give my love to Cleo and Sig for me.  They’ll be waiting for you.

Cleo and ScrunchscrunchFirst meal with JennaptimeDSC05395


14 thoughts on “RIP Scrunchy

  1. Such a sweetie–in the next to last one he looked like he was doing yoga.
    I know you’ll miss him, but I know you’ll also always be glad you got to have him in your life.

  2. Aww… My condolences to both of you for losing a beloved member of your family. He had a great time while he was here, I’m sure your house is just like cat heaven.

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