I’m Chiquita Banana

I have the answer to all our problems, Sparky and mine.

Sparky drives me crazy using only half a banana. I hate the smell and the blackening peel on the counter.  Nothing I say or do convinces Sparky to use the whole banana.  This is a guy who can eat three plates of meat and potatoes yet cannot eat a whole banana?

I say it’s a passive aggressive thing.

He says it’s a ratio issue – muesli vs banana bits.

I then say it’s an issue for couples therapy because if he doesn’t find a way to eat the whole god damned banana, he’ll be buried with that damn half a banana.

I found the answer and it’s not 250 euros an hour.

Mini-Bananas.  The best part was when Sparks asked the cost and I told him I didn’t know because why look at cost when they solved so many problems but as the baby food was only 30 euros and the whole bill was close to 130 euros, well, around 100 euro**?

Oh my god was that worth it.  I wonder if he’ll eat a whole god damned banana if the alternate solution is 100 euro mini bananas?

And this is for you, Max.

problem solver

**They were not in fact 100 euro.  I just like to keep Sparky guessing.

And here’s a gratuitous Max shot.



6 thoughts on “I’m Chiquita Banana

  1. not much longer until max will probably solve that problem by simply eating the other half 😉 after all, that’s what kids are for (i hear). although i do like your solution, too. btw, have kinda that same problem with my apple in the morning. i eat it with oatmeal and a whole apple is always too much. but i’m a good girl and always finish the other half by itself 🙂

  2. Forget the cost, baby bananas are the bomb. We love them and they used to be the only kind one of our kids would eat. Wait until Max gets his first taste – he and Sparky will be fighting over them.

    Also: you can freeze the other half of a big banana and then use it to make a smoothie later. Works great.

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