J is for Jerboa

I’m waiting for the DHL guy to come and take my comp away for it’s latest rehab issue.  My computer is hooked on the junk.  It’s the only explanation I have other than Vista + Sony = craptastic mess of un-uninstallable shit with a blue screen chaser. I’m thisclose to turning Mac.

This might be my last post for “Up to 30 days, Ma’am.”

I thought Max had the swine flu yesterday.  It started the day before.  He’s been really, really cranky which is really not like my little angel at all.  Seriously, I have a pretty easy-going kid so the cranky issue followed by the not sleeping issue plus a little bit of a fever and a little cough,  multiplied by the 16 articles I’ve read on the swine flu led to my correct diagnosis of the swine flu.


It was the drool that filled me in.  That and the constant biting of everything he can get his mouth on.

Yep, teeth.  The kid is teething.  It only took me about four hours to get over my H1N1 scare and then another four hours of trying to help the little guy with ice chewies, frozen peas and oragel (which he hated with a capital H) before I remembered “Hey, I can give him Tylenol.”

I am a genius.

Tylenol and co-sleeping equals 12 hours of escape for Max and his ravaged little mouth.

Right now he’s eating my book and other than writing this, I’m watching Elmo and the Alphabet Jungle.

J is for Jerboa. Did you know that?

Now then, the Kablooey room is almost done.  Had the plumber, who looked a lot like Vin Diesel AND bossed me around a bit, finish his part this morning. Nothing like a guy with big tools to boss me around. Me-ow.

The dry wall guy is here now fixing the large hole the plumber made.  Tomorrow I hope to have it painted and then the work tops mounted and it’ll be done and all chemicals can be stored above five feet.  Everyone under five feet will be safe.  Over five feet and you’re on your own.

Now,  for your viewing pleasure, here is Max.


Not one to be left out

San's Chowder House



8 thoughts on “J is for Jerboa

  1. oh boy, i just fell in love with him all over again. even though i have yet to cuddle him life and in person *sigh*

    i think it’s the sony + vista thing, btw. don’t turn to mac just yet, give windows 7 a chance. i heard nothing but good things about it and i’m gonna get it installed within the next few weeks. i still have XP (never trusted vista) and i’m actually kinda excited 😉

  2. We have a shirt that says “Sometimes Crabby but Always Cute” from Baltimore. I love dressing chick in it.

    Yea! Craptastic. I have Sony laptop + Vista = it freakin sucks. Now that my beloved Mac is in a place that actually can pick up a wireless signal, I may kick my 4 month old laptop to the curb. I hear upgrading to Windows 7 makes people vomit the blue screen of death too. So I wouldn’t do that one either if I were you.

  3. Dude, his head is perfectly round. Way later in life he could go bald and it would be okay because his head is perfect.

    Teething is strange, isn’t it? There are some sort of herbal-little-magic ball things at the pharmacy here. Every kid is different though, and Christopher’s sign that he is teething: exploding poop. Ugh.

  4. Frozen fruit does wonders for the teething thing. Messy though.

    I once wrote a paper on Marian Moore’s poem “The Jerboa” – they are funny little things.

  5. you just had to write about hot tradesmen & then a few lines later write, “…large hole the plumber made…” & “…work tops mounted…” didn’t you? i think i’ve seen that movie.

    btw, Max is the cutest kid ever (well. perhaps a tie with some other little buglet we know).

  6. I will miss you. *sniff* As for the rest, you’re doing good Missus! That baby looks fantastically healthy and cutecutecute. Yes I’ve come here to judge you, I judge all mothers on the condition of their child(ren), and you get top points for the fact his head is so perfectly round and he’s so incredibly handsome and I just want to slather heem with ketchup and nom everything nom-able.

    Vin Diesel! *swoon* I want to know how you and Christina managed the cute service people, hm? There a check box I missed? My service people are all about 90 years old, except for the gardener and he’s bow-legged and emo.

    Jerboa – IwantIwantIwant!

  7. Kim: the Sony+Vista thing has made me cry too many times and frankly I already have a bad boyfriend in the form of carbohydrates. I’m not going back to this one. I hate him, Sony/Vista.
    And You have to cuddle him soon. I got a poster from Frankenstein for C. Will deliver it around Thanksgiving.

    Andrea: I bought that onesie last year at this fabulous chowder house. Sadly, since I had Max I have become allergic to shellfish so I probably won’t be going there anytime soon.

    Sony+Vista= well, since I’m writing this means asstastic. they’re not picking it up because of a British vs German thing. Long ass story, but it will take another three weeks for Sparky to work it out. And he has to do the dirty work because I end up alling all the Service people morons and that doesn’t seem to help my cause.

    Claire: His head is perfectly round. Has been from the start. You know why? Because he shot out of his temporary home so fast, like 30 seconds fast, without any regard to his Mama. I have paid for that round head, oh how I’ve paid!

    And he’ll likely go bald so it’s a good thing.

    Maria: Come on over and snuggle him. He digs snuggles. He giggles with snuggles and loves and hugs and stuff. he is the kid every parent has when they decide to have another because he is really so calm and easy going. He is why I should never have another kid because I will pay through the nose with the next one.

    C: I got these little net things (I saw them on Maria’s site awhile back) that you can stick fruit and veggies in and the little buggers can chew it without choking. He’s not into it yet. I can’t wait for him to be big enough that i can share food with him. does that sound weird?

    gbf: Yeah, I’ve seen that movie too. I think it was at your place. The sequel is today because the piping was installed incorrectly and they had to come back and re-do it. I opened the door and there was Vin with pipes in hand. He bigger pipes. And there was a leak. Not exactly air tight. This time Sparky is home. Those euro fags are hot. – and I’ve seen his tattoo. Kind of sexy.

    Max and the buglet actually look a little alike. Max still has blue eyes, but i think they’ll change. And the eyebrows. Max has the eyebrows.

    Lisa: It’s a numbers game. I’ve had so many bad (and not so pretty) service people, I deserve it. And I like to think I’m just a magnet for hot guys.

    I eat his toes all the time, but it’s okay because mommies can do that and they grow back right away.

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