Don’t Be Scared, He’s a Good Monster


So the comp should  be picked up today.  We’ll see. THIS might be my last post for up to 30 days.

I’m so going to a Mac.  Sad.  I hate to make Sparky happy like that, but I can’t stand it any longer. and there is an iPhone in my future.  Just shut it, Tilman.  I don’t want to hear it!

In other news, we got a video baby monitor.  It’s fascinating.  It is supposed to let me relax and stop thinking every noise is my kid jumping out of his crib (he can’t do this yet) or tickling his feet while he sleeps to make sure he’s breathing.  Only, see, I can’t take my eyes off it.  It’s like the Roomba when we first got him.  I spent HOURS watching the damn vacuum vacuum.  Now I spend Max’s nap watching him on a video screen.

This morning Ollie found the camera.  That cat is such a camera whore.  any camera, anytime.  Whiskers and nose.  We’ll have to work with Olls and get him to understand that looking down at the camera adds ten pounds.

Oh and our water supply, you know, into our house, has been found to have a coliform bacteria.  All water must now be boiled until the new UV filter system is installed which should be soon… ish.  This is Germany after all. It only took a week to get the damn sink installation in the Kablooey room finished incorrectly.  Anther week for them to correct the mistake. And then another week to paint and get the worktops installed.  Two months for 10 square feet.  I’m not bitter.  Oh the glories of everyday life.

Above and beyond anything though, is that kid. Man, I just love him more and more everyday and thank my stars I get to stay at home with him. Thanks for that, Sparks. Thanks for supporting us so I can stay home.  And thanks for not expecting me to cook.  I might go a little batty talking to a 6 month old all the time.  I might need a break around 6 pm, but I never get tired of being with him. He will need a sibling so I don’t spoil the perfect being he is right this minute. But we can wait on that one for a while.

Adios, amigos.

Ollie stop licking Max’s head…


7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Scared, He’s a Good Monster

  1. How cute is that kid? I can hardly stand it. Really. I’m pinching the screen.

    Crap about the water and the computer. Hope both get resolved really soon.

  2. you know what you need? you need a trip. a trip up north that is. you know who else needs you to need that? ME. you cannot keep torturing me with those pictures and expect me to just live on with the fact that i still haven’t smelled his head. seriously, can you?

  3. PS: oh i’m also totally looking into a way to make it down to heidelberg/regensburg/boweltown next weekend/week. mostly in my (very broke) dreams but hey, who knows. might still happen… 😉

  4. Oh Baby,

    I have to thank YOU for your never-ending patience, kindness and love for me & Busu Monster. Especially your patience with my -erm-personality quirks.

    The only way I can repay you is by NOT gloating over the Apple thing ;).

  5. Well, as I type on a Mac because I was also tired of the Windows crashes (a primary reason was the Vista version of Office), I can tell you that there are endemic problems on this side of the great divide and that sometimes I actually work on the XP Dell or netbook to get certain things done, primarily financial software problems.
    But everyday life is often easier and a netbook is a cheap enough backup, so no worries. And I am glad you found out about the water! How did you find out that worrying news?

  6. You have what in your what? Please tell me your water isn’t supplied by the city like mine? Please tell me you get it from the creek out back or something? Now I’m going all paranoid.

  7. Oh yes, and your son is adorable. Do you ever get tired of hearing that? Because if you do, too bad for you. I expect you’re going to hear it daily for some time to come.

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