Happy Birthday, Dear Brother

You know, you were a pain in the ass when we were kids, but you grew up just fine.  I’m so proud to be your sister.

For your birthday, I’ve decided to give you a gift you never thought you’d get.

I hereby promise to never, ever bring up the scar on my shin again.  I’ll never bring up how you would kick me over and over with those damn cowboy boots until you killed the nerves in that particular place. Or how weird it still feels, 30 odd years later because I can’t feel it.

So there.  That was the end of it.  You can test me all you want, but I shall never bring it up again!

Thank you, Jeff, for being my best friend.  Thanks for being the one person I can tell everything to and know that you’ll not judge me, but rather trust me to know what I’m doing.  Thanks for being the home I can always count on.

Oh and thanks for being the kind of sibling that will require me to have another kid so Max has a shot at such a relationship.  Well, that is kind of a thanks. I wish that kid could just appear, weaned and sleeping through the night.

In the pictures below, you might notice a pretty lady.  Her name is Jennice and she is a very big part of Jeff’s current level of happiness.  She rocks.

Happy Birthday.



Don't mess with thembefore flight home




7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Brother

  1. wait. Jeffy’s a red-headed SCORPIO? scared of that! next you’ll be telling me he’s a lefty…

    sweet post.

    (BTW, Papa Joe looks hot in that pic. U know he could make a ‘quality connection’ in any number of SoMa bars most nights of the week).

  2. Oh yes. He’s a Scorpio, but you know, other than being stubborn, the only Scorpio quality he has is secretiveness. But as a Leo it’s never really bothered me because it has always been about me, you know?

    Papa Joe has always been a dreamboat.

  3. Does your brother ever say, “Word.” In a few of those pic I expect the next thing out of his mouth to be “Word.” Happy Birthday, Jeff.

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