We’re Back

Well, wasn’t that a nice little vacation from blogging.

We got back from California last night after a 9 hour delay in SFO for mechanical reasons.  Max is asleep and I’m holding my own with thy cruel mistress jet lag.  I’m staying up, damn it.  I have gone rounds with Max for the last 9 months, I think I can take her this year.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to start really writing again.  And to get back to the gym.  And to wean Max and get him to a) sleep through the night and b) in his own bed.  I might need super mom Claire to come help me out.

I’ll write more a bit later, because lots has happened and I can actually write about most of it unlike the shit storm of November and December. I lost weight in Cali like I always do.  I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but I eat everything I want and I still end up in the negative.  Got to love it.  Max cut his first tooth and got his first ear infection and first antibiotics.  I lost my wallet and my old camera. Sparky did NOT work out, played Assassin’s Creed II and went to a gun show. I bought hooker boots then took them back when I realized that I didn’t like the way the red shinny pleather squeaked when it rubbed together and splurged on some way cool aviator sunglasses that make me feel like a movie star.  Mani/pedis with the SILs and Mim.  Shopping. Family dinners and breakfasts that Jennice, Jeff’s GF, would make because she wanted to and we’d just sit around and eat fabu food and talk.  A trip to a beach house in Capitola my dad rented. And oh so many people all the time that when we walked in our door last night, Max looked around for his many admirer’s only to find his Mom and Dad and two pissed off cats.

It’s good to be home and in my own space, but the idea of leaving the warmth and love of my family does leave me a bit bereft.  I need to get back to California and that my friends is another story for another day.

Until then here is a glimpse of my time out west. I only have a few unless by some miracle, my old camera is found.


15 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. Mmm… the beach… the baby and his incredibly long eyelashes… and I lurve that hat. Yes I remember Markus exists but he is doomed to be forever eclipsed by his beautiful family. 😉 I did read his resumé(?) on FB last night and now feel like I’ve been in the presence of a movie star. How in the world do you keep him humble? *lol*

    Ollie was in our bed until he was four years old and we forcibly put him out. He’s six next month and still trying to get back in. I feel cruel sometimes… for about five minutes… then remember it’d be him and his wife snoring between us when he’s 30, and then I think no, this is the best solution for everyone involved.

    Isabel declared herself a free state when she was eight months old.

  2. SO funny — I was on your blog last night, thinking “Jen hasn’t posted for a long time. Hope she’s OK.” And then this morning, viola. Welcome back.

  3. You all look so happy!! I love that pic of you! You’re all like, “Yeah carbs, bring it!” Kisses to you and the boys.

    Remember Bremen is only a 45 minute flight . . .

  4. The sunshine has done wonders for you – you all look happy and well-rested. Sounds like a fabulous vacation!

  5. hey there! i have not been to your blog in ages,and for some reason i decided to today. your son is out of this world cute. we almost named liam Max. Liam also owns that adorable snuggly thing with the bear ears. And liam also looks around for his fan club when we got home from switzerland, and then vocalizes his irritation that it is just me and Jon. or, more often than not, just me. liam also just cut his first tooth. horror. and it is just me. jon was getting up at 5 a.m. for his cab monday and he said “uhh…liam is awake this is totally rare so we just went in, found the tooth had popped, he was screaming bloody hell and jon just shrugs and says “my cab is here. i am sorry.”
    personally, wish i still had a cat. even one who slept on my face would be nice right now…

    hope you are well, you look awesome and your family is adorable

  6. I wish I could loose weight when we visit California!
    We visited my family in nothern california over christmas and I always need to ‘stock’ up on mexican and thai food outings… 🙂 Oh well now back to freeeeeezing Ludwigsburg.

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