Nine Months

So, here we are. Nine Months.

Max can now sleep through the night, in his bed.  We’re talking 12 hours straight.

He’s eating big people food and refuses baby food.

He’s cruising with scary speed.

He’s got 1.5 teeth.

He’s awesome.

Now for me.  I’ve come to realize a few things – 1. Depression, PPD, hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy or whatever it might be called – I didn’t dodge that bullet. Taking steps to get out from under that.

Having slept for the last week, 8-9 hours a night, has helped me immensly.  Sleep is not overrated.

Exercise – I need it.  Not just for my bod, but for my brain and with Max’s sleeping schedule, my life has opened up so I’m not 24/7 playmate to a baby. I actually look forward to gym time.  This from the chick who failed PhysEd so many times in high school, I had to take it again my senior year.

Heavenly Bed – Worth it!

Now for the photos…


5 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. awesome awesome awesome. Good luck with the PPD. I found that exercise helped immensely. For in-home exercise options, you might look into getting a Wii — I’m loving the fact that I can do step aerobics at home while watching TV.

  2. So glad he’s sleeping through the night now! Congratulations. That is MAJOR!

    And yes, the Heavenly Bed is worth every penny. Every night when I get in bed I give a sigh of thanks. And we’ve had it for more than 6 months now. I’m especially thankful for the comfortable sleep because I need as much as we can get. Having finally gotten Baby #1 to sleep through the night, we have embarked upon another adventure – Baby #2. She’s 3 months old now and thankfully a much better sleeper than her brother ever was at this stage.

  3. SO PROUD OF YOU!!! what a relief!! did crying it out end up being the golden ticket?? looking forward to more updates!!

    PLease take care of yourself!

  4. YEAH!! Welcome back to the land of rest and semi-normal brain function! 🙂
    I don’t envy you the PPD. It’s a nasty monster. TAKE. CARE. OF.YOURSELF. The biggest asset for Max (well, and Markus) is a happy, healthy, sane Mama.
    My sister-in-law went through some nasty, nasty PPD (She’s also manic-depressive). She found some good resources. Let me know if I can help or send stuff your way.

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