If you are non-partisan does that mean you’re partisan?

So I have a question. It directly relates to my work. After this weekend I’ll post why I’m asking and discuss, but until then, I need some input, perhaps my objectivity is altered.

It seems to me that in today’s political climate, the answer is you must choose a side or “they” choose it for you. I’m not usually a neutral girl so perhaps I’m not the best judge. I need some help.

Is this site partisan?  Vote Gopher




7 thoughts on “If you are non-partisan does that mean you’re partisan?

  1. It seems fairly neutral in its presentation to me… therefore, if it’s partisan, it’s probably only subtly so, or in some specific issues.

  2. President Barack Obama was successful in cutting back military spending on new weapons systems when he signed a $680 billion military policy bill Wednesday.
    That under the title “Obama victorious over military”

    Other subtle clues point to a Republican stealth campaign.

  3. Well, a couple of things–

    — anyone can say they are non-partisan, but that doesn’t mean they are.

    — In general, people will chose for you if you are leaning, but on another issue, as you lean another way, they will say you are a flip-flopper rather than admitting that you are not properly aligned with any one “side.” (you being general, not necessarily you specifically).

    –I admit, I am too lazy to look at the site for too long today. Meh. kick me. 😉

  4. I don’t think anyone goes into politics with a clean slate. No matter how open you claim to be, you’ve had years of subtle exposure to a side/party/way of thinking. That’s not to say you can’t overcome the initial indoctrination, but it’s not easy. It’s human nature to be partial to one thing over another.

    As for sites like the one you’ve linked to, my guess is Republicans will say it’s slanted to the left and Democrats will insist it’s right-leaning. Because when you go looking for a slight you’re always going to find it. Is it really there? Is it paranoia? Who knows? What I do know is you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and no one will respect you if you try. It’s better to own your opinions than subjugate them, websites included.

    So back to your original question: is the site partisan? I’d be shocked if it wasn’t.

  5. B. said it well

    As for the site, yes and no. I think it’s impossible to be TRULY non-partisan. As I began to look for a slant on this site I was struck by two things (granted I didn’t look at all the links or peruse too thoroughly):
    1. all the pictures of Obama are very ideallic and positive – smiles and dreamy expressions, 2. the comparisons of “Candidate Obama” versus “Obama in office” had a very odd tone. They sounded accusatory and combative, even when they were consistent with one another. The words they chose to bold or put in red made it sound like they were pointing out short-comings rather than stating fact or highlighting accomplishments.

    So what’s the scoop and your reason for asking?

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