Because I’m a nice person

This here is a link to a company that imports and sells American products. I’ve used several since my US Army base access dried up, yet my yearning for Quaker Oats had not. Who am I kidding.  It was all about the wintogreen Lifesavers until they ran out. Now, it’s about Diet Cream Soda and Root beer.

I’ve used other sites, but this place is very, very professional.  You get your package almost immediately and the order has always been correct unlike other import foods places.

It can get expensive, so be careful.


4 thoughts on “Because I’m a nice person

  1. Not very nice at all. That’s just mean to those of us living South of the Border (in Switzerland) who also had their base contacts dry up. They have sort of similar services here, but not with that selection. Plus it can take weeks to arrive!

  2. Gretchen: I do believe you can order to switz. they deliver EVERYWHERE.

    Claire: it is. it is very bad. What was that? That noise? That was a diet Dr. pepper over crushed ice. Yum.

  3. You’re not nice, you’re evil.

    How dare you post a link where I can find tubs of real frosting and reasonable priced (for Germany) pop tarts!


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