Loves Animals

During the last year, I’ve been on a self -imposed sabbatical from people.  The last post explains why, but briefly, I was just too tired to want to add hosting to my responsibilities.  Max was enough for me.  This meant that it was me, Max and the cats most of the time. At my brother’s house, it was me and Max and two very small dogs.

Max loves animals and in response, animals tend to love him.  Max and Jeff’s dogs (large rats) would rub snout/head all the time. The neighbor’s puppy, a Dalmatian plays gently with Max because Max plays gently right back.  Max doesn’t fear animals at all. If I were a novelist, I’d go into beautiful description about how his affinity with animals is directly tied to his gentle and loving spirit and while that might be true, it is also a result of  playmates of the quadruped variety because his mother was too damn tired to join a play group and he had literally NEVER played with other kids.

When we went to California, he had a play date with my SIL, Meghan’s niece and nephew.  It was here that I saw the problem.

In greeting the two kids, O at 3 and J at 10 months, Max bent over a little and rubbed his head against them.

Uh yeah.  It wasn’t a one time thing.  He rubs his little head on anyone at his level.  Big people are exempt, but I think that is because he expects them to rub their heads on him first.

Thank god he was exposed to cats during his imprinting phase, it would be hard to explain the butt sniffing.

Max is enough for me, but obviously, I am not enough for Max. I have since joined a play group. He still rubs his head, but really enjoys other little people.


5 thoughts on “Loves Animals

  1. I wouldn’t worry about it. My children have been going to play groups practically since birth and play a lot with their cousins when we visit the US. They are both (at 23 months and 10 months) head rubbers. Big people, little people, animals, toys, whatever. We call it the “Head Butt of Love.”

    Some children rub heads, some don’t.

  2. Kids that are afraid of dogs or cats kind of freak me out. Being able to get along well with animals totally trumps head-butting issues. Didn’t that little kid in Parenthood headbutt everything? 😉

  3. Glad you are back.. or at least working on your come back. I’ve been worried! mims gave me your phone number but i’ve been afraid to call! Please take care of your self. I know it’s hard and may seem selfish when you have a little one, but in order to be the super mom you want to be, you have to healthy and present. I’ve been dying to chat about our new sister in law and the exciting wedding. Perhaps this weekend i’ll give my first international call a try!! love you


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