Brought to you by the letter Chocolate (because it deserves its very own letter.)

As many of you know, Sparky is in marketing.

There are positives and negatives to this.  Negatives tend to be long-ass hours, tons of traveling and brain drain when he finally comes home. On the positive side he does what he loves, he works with incredibly brilliant (and incredibly hot) partners, and sometimes we get to sample the product. (When I say product, I mean the actual product, not the hot partners. We are not swingers!)

Sparky has had some boring “product” in the past.  Nothing that flipped my skirt, really.  The skirt flipping stuff apparently STAYS in Hamburg.

Until now.

Now we’re talking about chocolate.

He’s done campaigns for chocolate before, like Ritter Sport Olympia and while Olympia might be good, it not my cup of tea. I preferred the peppermint. Again, no skirt flippage.

The new flavor – Espresso, well, we’ve gone all the way.  As I told his Sparky’s business partners, I’ve kicked him out of bed to make room for my new love. At night it’s like I’m single all over again: Big bed, me, two lazy sprawled cats, chocolate and the remote.

It’s my cup of tea, my cup of coffee, my slice of pie and doesn’t snore. Do you hear what I’m sayin?

So, to save my ass a few inches, I’m going to send you some.  Not some of my ass, but some chocolate. I promise no ass will sent via Deutsche Post.

Leave me a comment  or tweet (#HSRitter) with your favorite Ritter flavor and on Friday I’ll use one of those number generator things and pick two people to send the Espresso. If you don’t want Espresso, tell me which flavor you do want and I’ll send that.  If you are outside of Germany, it’ll take a while to get to you – 6-10 days as per DHL, but it’ll get there.  Except Somalia.  DHL does not ship to Somalia.

And Miranda, you don’t count.  Get an apartment first, gyspsy girl.

And as a bonus, I’ll be bringing chocolate to WEBUM.  I don’t know what kind yet.  Whatever the guys give me vast quantities of is what I’ll be bringing, but again, it’s chocolate.

Full disclosure: One of Sparky’s clients is Ritter Sport. That being said, Sparky has lots of clients and we keep our worlds separate. I don’t blog about his clients and he promises to keep unflattering photos of me off his facebook.  It’s win-win for me, but whatever. I’m doing this only for the chocolate.


22 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter Chocolate (because it deserves its very own letter.)

  1. Oh, this is HARD.

    Vollnuss is a favorite of mine. And macadmia. And knusperkeks (hmm…did I spell that one right? the one with the cracker in it?) I could go on. I’ll take anything you send me.

  2. I like anything except marzipan and exotic experiments like peach-maracuja-yogurt. That doesn’t even count as chocolate in my book.

  3. You can buy Ritter Sport here in good ole Kentucky (slightly shocking…) but alas no pfefferminz. Why is that? Ask Sparky for me. Cause personally, that’s the best flavor.

  4. I’m a big fan of Karamell Nuss. Although Espresso sounds interesting. I miss the rainbox of Rittersport packages available in DE–almost like the 64 box of Crayola crayons. Here in the UK they’re only in limited quantities, like only a Crayola box of 8 at best. 😦

  5. Oh–haven’t had Ritter-Sport since I was last in Germany. Loved the dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts. Would love to try the organic milk chocolate with chopped macadamia nuts, altho’ I know that the new Expresso flavor you’re blogging about would be mighty fine! Don’t expect to be in Germany again any time soon, so a bar or two of Ritter-Sport would be really appreciated!

  6. I love the dark chocolate coconut, milk chocolate biscuit, marzipan… Espresso sounds wonderful! Luckily I can get a good selection here in Portland. Love the square chocolate!
    Someone I met decades ago in southern Germany now works at Ritter-Sport!

  7. They once did a lime thing that I loved but haven’t seen since.
    I won’t be at WEBUM because I will be touring China with my band at that time.
    And I cannot believe for the life of me that an unflattering picture of you is possible.

  8. What a nice idea, are you sure you can part with it though? But WAIT don’t send me anything, I’m still trying to get rid of the effects of all the damn cheese and wine I consumed on vacation.

  9. Am I too late?? DAMN! IO was gonna say Orange Bitter Chocolate… like the Baskin-Robins flavor… or was that Swiss Orange Chocolate? Either way, I’m drooling. And late, apparently.

  10. Hey, how long you gonna leave that Fucking sign up? You’re a mommy now. Be a good example and leave the skirt down next time you visit. !! lol

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