And The Chocolate goes to…

I’m off the WEBUM tomorrow which might not seem like a big deal, but I’m going alone which makes it kind of a deal.  Going alone means Sparky and Max will be home, sans Mama, all weekend long.  I’v never been away from Max for more than 4 hours since conception. I might need a glass of wine with lunch to get over the initial guilt and worry.  Perhaps two, although I hear only prostitutes have more than one glass of wine with lunch.

And I’m going to SLEEP IN on Sunday.

Holy Cow, Batman, I might never come home, just hideout in Hamburg.  I’ll start a new blog detailing my latest amazing feat.  Today I had breakfast without stepping on Cherrios or I got to go to the bathroom alone this morning without a husband or child talking at me.  This weekend I plan on finishing a cup of coffee while it’s hot.

I’m setting the bar high these days.

Enough about me, more about chocolate.

You guys rock. So much so I added a couple more people to send chocolate to.

To make this fair, I pulled out my SISTERS, Mim and Meghan, and all known WEBUM people because if you’re going to WEBUM, well, I’ll make sure each of you get your favorite there.

That leaves the following peeps:

1. Maria
2. Phyllis
3. Michele J
4. Motormouth
5. Christina
6. Mandi
7. Andrea
8. Heather
9. B recycles
10. Amy
11. Geoffry
12. Kim
13. Megan

Okay, after a very long time trying to figure out how to save and image of the damn random number picker and post it here and NOT succeeding because 1. I’m a nitwit and 2. Max keeps wanting to type. I got a widget, but that just lets you generate the number.  Dude, I feel like a complete dunce.

5. Christina and 10. Amy


8. Heather and  13. Megan

So, you guys, email me at jen @ heissescheisse (dot) com with addresses and I will get you your goods asap.

Alright, off to pre-cook all of this weekends meals so I know neither Sparky or Sparklet go hungry.



8 thoughts on “And The Chocolate goes to…

  1. I’m so jealous of the meet-up. I even looked up plane tickets last week (cause $1500 is so completely affordable!)

    Maybe next year…Have fun, have a double glass of wine if you feel like it!! Enjoy your time sans child!

  2. thats pretty rediculous considering your brothers can just pissed and craped on my bed. FOR THE THIRD TIME. And this time…i threw all the bedding away. You know whats getting tossed next? THE CAT!!!

  3. I laughed out loud when I read the part about your goals for the weekend – that is so my life right now. I’m getting good (or at least less frustrated. Strike that – I’m still frustrated) about carrying on 3 simultaneous conversations while I go to the bathroom, before I’ve even had breakfast. 🙂
    Good to see you back in the blogosphere. I’ve been trying to get back and write more too. We’ll see if I’m sucessful or not.Enjoy your weekend to the max – no guilt allowed!

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