Saturday 4 pm

Hi Dad,

Today is one of those days I would love to have you around, if for no other reason but to hear you laugh.

Max has been squinting for the last week or so. It has had me more than worried because, well, you know, every sniffle is pneumonia and every squint is a brain tumor. I googled brain tumors in toddlers and was set to call the specialists on Monday.

It’s not a brain tumor.

Turns out, his hair was too long. Strands were getting into his eyes causing him to squint and hit his head in attempt to move the hair back.

I have cut his bangs and lo and behold, no more squinting or head hitting.

I made oven roasted potatoes this morning hoping to create a potato to add to a breakfast burrito because last time I checked, krautland does not understand this concept, the breakfast burrito. (Why would you have beans for breakfast???)

I found a potato that seems to be close to a yukon gold – goldener – so I thought I’d give it a try. Actually, this is my fourth bag of this type of potato. The other three have turned to multiple eyed monsters and I’ve silently thrown them away in my secret trash so Markus doesn’t lecture me on wasting food because oh my god you would have thought HE had lived through a war.

The potatoes turned out just okay.  They were missing something, I don’t know. doesn’t matter. I ended up throwing some eggs and bacon, made in the oven YAY!, and it was a delish scramble.

Then I made a tuna salad for Markus which he claimed was the most perfect tuna because I added celery. Seriously, his standards were way low. I’m going to have to pace myself or he’s going to get the wrong idea about my cooking.

While I was cooking, my sweet son, shorn of his wayward locks, dumped an entire container of yogurt on my aeron chair.  This is an important point because it went through the mesh of the chair on to my wool rug. Oh, the joys.  It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later did I notice little foot prints everywhere. Max had stepped in the yogurt and then when I started no, no-ing him, he ran. With yogurt feet.

After cleaning that mess, I inaugurated Ruby, my brand new Kitchen Aid food processor, by making home made bread crumbs from a stale loaf. It was fabulous, but I ended up with bread crumbs everywhere because I didn’t notice the third bowl and wow, my robot culinare (that’s french) has three bowls.

So it’s only 4 pm. I have one more dish to cook tonight. I’m using Thyme. I can’t remember ever using thyme. I’m a little nervous. I’m using up a ton of food that is about to go bad. In the meantime, Max has gone vegetarian. He won’t eat a bite of meat. It’s all about dairy and berries and pasta and goldfish crackers.

So, hope you have a good day. I love you and will talk to you soon.






7 thoughts on “Saturday 4 pm

  1. What a lovely message to your dad and a lovely little slice of time chez toi! 🙂 Like the Irish Berliner, I just love the idea of yoghurt feet. So sweet! 🙂

  2. I miss this blog. I hope the writer didn’t suffocate during a yoga class.

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