Oh Dear, It’s been a while

I’ve been thinking about this poor blog. I couldn’t leave her with that last sad post.

So much has happened. So much has changed. Max is healthy and happy and five years old and he has a little sister who is 16 months.

Germany has become home and I have a great circle of friends living near and far.

There were rough patches – PPD after Max, a separation and a reunification, a new baby, lost family members to name a few. But everything changes and time marches on and nothing stays the same for long.

As far as this blog that got me through many years, I will let her sit with a happy ending.

Life is good. I’m incredibly lucky and I’m living a life I never expected. My kids are incredible and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the stars for them.

Perhaps when I have more time or have more to say, I’ll be back, but until then let’s leave the party with a smile.

5 responses to “Oh Dear, It’s been a while

  1. : ) Hi Jen! Best wishes to you!!

  2. This blog was amazing! I will miss it. I can’t wait for the revamp as ‘Kleine Scheisse: A tale of parenthood’

  3. Enjoyed your blog entries; wishing you an exciting journey and adventure to come with the two little ones:)

  4. This blog is DIE SCHEISSE!! What happened to it?? Please come back!

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