Girl on Fire

Oh, how things have changed, my friend. And then some things stay the same.

Still have the two gorgeous kiddos – Max is seven and Kate is three and a half going on 47.  We have a new cat as Kiska died a while back at the ripe old age of 21. We still live in the same place I moved to way back in the oughts.

I’m still traveling. Still doing the stay at home mom thing, but these days I’m doing it solo.  The marriage to Sparky ended a few years ago and the kids and I have adjusted. not a sad thing.  We are still friends.

Things were bad then good and then bad and then good. We are heading into a good phase and I don’t want to tempt Ironus into thinking its time to throw that trouble ball back at us.

I’m not sure how I am to continue here except to say that I need to write again. I’m not looking for more than a space to fill with my thoughts and frankly, my grammar could use some practice.

Max has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.  There will be some of that. Kate is funny and smart as hell. There will be some of that. Some new relationship shit as I am in one, but he isn’t on social media and likes to keep his privacy, so that will be perhaps infuriatingly vague.

That’s it for now.  More später, dudes.



5 thoughts on “Girl on Fire

  1. Yay! I’m so happy to read your writing again. We should really converse about Max and TB and their ADHD challenges. Lord knows I went through a few years of cyclical hell myself and can empathize with you.

  2. I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I wrote the blog In Search of Dessert living in switzerland and I came to your house in Germany when you didn’t have any kids and we ate Taco bell from the base and that friend of yours who does female centric porn was there and I had a really lovely time. I thought of you this week, out of the blue. and now look what I found :). So much has changed for me too. It’s like a different book. Not a new chapter, a whole fucking new book. And I too abandoned blogging for various reasons and now realize how badly i need it back. So not surprised at all to think of you, and then find this xoxoxo

  3. You have given me endless entertainment with the appellation “Bowel Town,” which has become wonderful fodder for describing an otherwise non-descript town a few klicks south of us. Hope you are all still doing well there.

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