99 Things

  1. I was born with black hair
  2. My natural hair color now is light brown.
  3. I have green eyes
  4. I have Italian Hips
  5. I have three cats
  6. I once sang “My Favorite Things” in a school talent contest. I did not win.
  7. I don’t have a nickname.
  8. I’ve always wanted to be a spy, but I can’t keep a secret.
  9. I think stealing artwork is romantic.
  10. My first job was scooping ice cream.
  11. My second job was serving frozen yogurt
  12. I love ice cream and hate frozen yogurt
  13. I scare easily and frequently.
  14. I believe in the supernatural.
  15. I cannot watch scary movies without fast-forwarding, especially if they contain the supernatural.
  16. I screamed during “The Others”.
  17. When I laugh too hard, I pee my pants.
  18. I lick the bottom of cookies I give to people I don’t like.
  19. I am a terrible liar.
  20. I kiss my cat more than my husband
  21. A group of Japanese tourists photographed me falling down on Post Street.
  22. I have opened my front door for a stranger wearing nothing but S&M gear.
  23. I must eat chocolate everyday. Period.
  24. I like cat breath.
  25. My favorite city is San Francisco.
  26. My second favorite city is Berlin.
  27. I always wanted to be “Jesse’s Girl”
  28. There are pictures of my boobs on the internet that I did not take.
  29. I gave my aunt a cock ring and told her it was a bracelet
  30. I’m the oldest child.
  31. I read voraciously
  32. I’ve read Fountainhead
  33. I like to poke my husband in the ribs and watch him get irritated.
  34. I got tear gassed on my honeymoon in Paris.
  35. I fart when being chased.
  36. I fart when I fall.
  37. I love trampolines.
  38. I have an extraordinary sense of smell.
  39. I am legally blind without my glasses.
  40. When I meet someone I find sexy-attractive, I can’t speak
  41. I blush when I lie
  42. I never wanted to get married.
  43. I’m now happy I did.
  44. I have a crush on my husband – boring, but true.
  45. I have burned my nose smelling scented candles.
  46. I put laxatives in almost every meal I make for my brother, just for fun.
  47. I love a good practical joke
  48. I like to write in the dark.
  49. I can’t shower in the dark because that’s when serial killers strike.
  50. When I get out of a pool, I run fast so the sharks don’t bite my ankles.
  51. I’m vehemently pro-choice
  52. I always vote.
  53. I was a Young Republican at one time.
  54. I’m now a staunch Democrat
  55. I’ve been agoraphobic.
  56. My car ran into a woman in a wheelchair and pinned her on her TommyLift
  57. I was not in the car at the time.
  58. I believe that all women should go through a slut period before settling down.
  59. I believe in reincarnation
  60. I’m terrified of lightning, the underrated killer
  61. Before I moved to Germany, I loved lightning
  62. I make dead mother jokes
  63. My mom is dead
  64. I have 1 brother, 1 sister and 1 step-brother
  65. I have a step-mom, step-dad and a dad
  66. I’m an expensive date
  67. I’m a cheap drunk
  68. I love board games
  69. I like to play cards
  70. My brother and I had to cheat to beat our four-year-old sister at BS.
  71. I used to work for an investment bank.
  72. I volunteered to go to work at 5 am because I could leave at 2pm and not have to deal with co-workers for very long.
  73. I generally dislike people
  74. I’m a good driver
  75. I’m learning to speak German.
  76. I’ve been to the Folsom Street Fair
  77. I hate Disneyland
  78. I leave q-tips out for my cat to play with to annoy my husband
  79. I backed a boyfriend’s sports car into a pole and blamed it on “some fool in the parking lot.”
  80. I used to frequent dive bars because I liked the dirty seediness.
  81. I liked going home from dive bars because it made me appreciate what I had.
  82. I like the colors black, blue and green
  83. I recently started to love the color red.
  84. I can listen to Tori Amos 24/7 and never get tired of her.
  85. I love Air Supply’s greatest hits
  86. I hate musicians who “Made It” without suffering
  87. I believe in the local bookstore
  88. I feel guilty when I order on Amazon.
  89. I hate going to the gym
  90. I once found $80 cash on the floor in a crowded bar.
  91. I like roller coasters
  92. I love the beach
  93. I love San Franciscan Seafood
  94. I will dance for an El Faro Burrito
  95. I used to put make-up on my very unwilling little brother
  96. I’ve only seen Paris at night
  97. I once hit reply instead of forward on an e-mail with sexually deviant suggestions about a senior executive of our firm. The executive, not my co-worker, was the recipient.
  98. I fall frequently.
  99. My mom made me take ballet to help with my balance. It didn’t work.

One thought on “99 Things

  1. What a great read! I love your blog…so honest and INTERESTING. 🙂

    I especially liked this one…

    I believe that all women should go through a slut period before settling down.


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