Eighteen Months

Holy scheisse. My kid is 18 months old today.  When did that happen? I’ve said this before. This is the age where parents decide to have another kid because the kid is so much fun.  Even his temper tantrum are interesting to me.  I don’t always respond like he would prefer, but I find it … More Eighteen Months


If only I had had this guide to help me before I got married, I might have met a generic European man. Perhaps I could have also moved to Europe and have had European babies. She seriously says “for the 4-1-1 on meeting a European man…” I have no words.

S and M’s

Three days and counting. Friday morning I’m taking off for Hamburg where I plan on abandoning my family and getting naked (or scantily clothed) and letting people do things to me. Three days of saunas and massage. Pedicures and skin care. Room Service and wine. King size beds and black-out curtains. Skin care. I’m actually … More S and M’s

And a Dragon

Max likes that phrase.  When I put him to sleep at night, I list all the animals in the painting above his bed. “There’s a lion and a sheep and a wombat aaaaaaaaand a dragon.” “There’s a hedgehog and a chicken and penguin aaaaaaaaand a dragon” When I get to the dragon part he smiles … More And a Dragon