Me: My name is Jen and I have been many people over the last few years, SF single girl and married German Hausfrau and now a Mom. I’m not crazy and I don’t have multiple personalities, even though a shrink wanted to explore that avenue.

I used to be a very happy (a bit loopy) social, single girl in San Francisco. Then I moved to Krautland for a dude that I eventually married, Sparky and eventually spawned. Not a lot of night life out here in the bowels of Boweltown.

However, that’s all changing. I’m in the third stage of grief – Bargaining. I’m making deals all over the place. If I’m going to make it here, I’ve got to find a way to integrate all those voices in my head.

Like that old Chinese curse, I’ve been living in interesting times.

Sparky: The Kraut who brought me to this god-forsaken country. Smart guy without a hint of common sense. This makes for great stories and long days.

Max – Boy child extrodinaire. Never thought I could get so lucky. He is in desperate need of a sibling else he will be completely unbearable.

The WonderTwins: My brother, Jeffrey, and my sister Mim. The both have albino-like pale skin and red hair and white eyebrows. They aren’t really twins. Jeffe is 32 and Mim is 23. However, they do tend to join forces to thwart my God-like control over all things family related.

The Flying Cats: Kiska – older black girl cat.  Olli – younger red headed cat terror. We’ve lost three of the flying cats in the last few years – Cleo, my darling girl. Sigmund, the great white shark who was actually a small black cat and Scrunchy, the loving-est lip licker.  They are missed.


7 thoughts on “Personae

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  2. Hey, I found you through Still here, still foreign. Glad to have found another expat from SF. However, I didn’t move abroad for a man, I’m just plain crazy. 🙂

    I’ll add you to my blog list.

  3. Hello, I found your blog through a link somewhere. I, too, used to be a single girl in San Francisco until I met my Austrian boyfriend. And to freak you out further, my name is also Jen, but people call me Jenna. In Austria, it’s pronounced more like “Yenna” which is weird.

    I’m meeting more than a few woman who’ve went abroad for a man….

  4. wow, what an interesting blog u have here!! very nicely laid out too!! never mind US or Germany, as long as you’re happy and you sound like you couldn’t get anymore delighted!! :p btw, what about old chinese curse?!? and, congratulations on loki!! but… u should remove the ‘coming soon’ part though… anyway, keep it up!! stay cool and props to the pic you took near ‘farking’!! cheers…

  5. Not sure why it took me so long to find you, but glad I’m here now. You added an often much-needed smile to my day. I too am a once single girl from SF who moved here with my husband (while our name is German, he’s as American as I am). The more I putter around online, the smaller this world seems. I wish you well and look forward to reading more from you!

  6. Hi- I’m thrilled to find your blog! I really enjoy your writing, as well as your story. I’m currently pining over an amazing German boy, and am considering moving out there from the USA within the next two years…(if I ever grow any balls) so I appreciate your insight into German culture and daily living. Thanks for putting this all online! 😉

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